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Default Re: How many of you DIDN'T like Jordan?

Originally Posted by dejordan
as for mj being better than magic, i agree but for a different reason. yes mj did more with less, but he didn't have to beat the loaded 6ers or Celts teams to do it (though the bulls did sweep the pistons in 91 that was two years after detroit beat la in the finals). the talent on magic's team was more necessary because his rivals had the same kind of firepower. i would say the only major point of defining point between michael and magic is the defensive end, where magic was a mediocre one on one defender who couldn't really cover his position and required either a second pg or a very quick sg on the floor with him (much like iverson needs a big pg when he plays the 2), though he was a good attacker of passing lanes. jordan was one of the preeminent perimeter defenders of all time. that's a significant difference between two guards who could both basically create points for their teams at will.

well said. the comp in the 80's was much stronger than the 90's. many HOFers on one team before expansion.
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