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So let's assume that we don't make any big trades this offseason (AKA I dont trust Mitch) and we end up with the same core of Lamar Luke and Kobe

Well nothing big happens....only except there's a countdown of how many more games Kobe plays as a Laker and you can count Phil gone too.

In other words, if that's the core, forget about ever competing for the championship and Kobe knows that. Oh yay, he's gonna be real happy if they keep that core. Oh yeah.

And that record was proven to be fluke. It was a combination of momentum and easy schedule. They even went 13-10 without Odom so it's not like you can say they were for real and just injuries hurt them. No.

It was clear that it wouldn't last all that long.
And you're assuming way too much. If the org. is that clueless (no offense) to ASSUME that they can keep the same roster in place and count on that brilliant chemistry and other teams not figuring it out like they did, then good luck.

You may instead already buy Kobe a present for his new house in Chicago or whereever he"ll go to.

But to answer your question, that core can never win the championship. Never.
Assuming that's the core and they're better than everyone else on the roster which the core is, no. No chance at the championship. None whatsoever.
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