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Default Re: Lebron James & Ben Wallace Vs 1 Silverback Gorilla

Originally Posted by lakerspng
male silverbacks can weigh as much as 550 lbs. and their strength is more than 10x that of a man of the same size/weight.

They may not have a great punch, but if the silverback got its hands on you, you would never escape. They would crush a man's spine easily.

no human could fight an enraged male silverback
Best there's nmot a silverback in the world of any size that could stop the heartbeat of any decent heavyweight in Strikeforce or the UFC. They might do damage with a bite, or use their grip strength to quickly gain some advantage and put the man in trouble, but their is no way a large athletic man with knowledge of striking or submissions could ever lose his life to any other primate. A predatory cat ? Yes. An elephant or Rhino ? Yes. But not another primate.
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