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Default Re: Vinny Del Negro Introduction Press Conference

Originally Posted by CelticForce1349
Okay, I went to and then I proceeded to the Bulls page from that point. I just watched the entire 4 hour and 52 minute long press conference and I must say I agree with Dengness.

I think I can see how Paxson was wooed by Mr Del Negro. If only one thing comes out of Del Negro it seems that he is far more of a straight shooter than the average guy in these situations.

For me personally, I also see that he is smart, methodical, likable, and even shrewed, but WITHOUT being devious. I can already see where he will use his smarts to benefit the team as opposing coaches write him off.

A real sharp guy with good communication skills looks to be off to a good start. I must say I was/could still be skeptical, but, Scott Skiles never did this much for me in any press setting.

This is a new day for the Bulls and those of us that are rooting for their success. My only concern now is that they pick Rose.

You summed it up well. Glad to see you know what i was talking about after i watched it. He got my confidence through the roof for him and the upcoming seasons possibilities.
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