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Default Re: Vinny Del Negro Introduction Press Conference

Originally Posted by Glide2keva
So he's going to be a good coacg because his wife is hot?

Wow, great logic there.

I'm sorry but the Bulls do not need a coach who is finding his way, they needed a coach who has been there and that coach was Avery Johnson.

I'll support Vinny because he's the coach and there's nothing I can do about it, but I'm just going to wait for him to get fired so they can go for a real coach.

Avery Johnson = Black Scott Skiles

Too intense and critical to young players and calls almost every offensive set from the sideline every game. A team who is most likely drafting a PG like D Rose needs to have a little offensive freedom. Plus the Bulls need to be a primarily fast break team and Avery Johnson doesn't like his team calling their own shots.

I think your incorrect when you say Vinny is finding his way. He obviously knows basketball as much as some head coaches already if you know his whole story. The only thing he has to find is a connection personally to his players. I am already convinced he can be that guy from what I've seen and heard in interviews. He wants to play fast pace offense, and Bulls players are already buzzing and interested in this so i heard on Chicago Tribune Live. If he can make his players feel important, needed, and comfortable he will be a good coach. He was the only candidate to come to Paxson with a full offensive/defensive playbook with the Bulls roster already incorporated specifically for it. That's straight business.
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