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Default Re: Attacking from behind = most cowardly bullsh*t EVER!!

Originally Posted by Rockbttm88

My girlfriend's 16 year old cousin got jumped by some punk yesterday at his school. I hate how the article says it was a "fight." They failed to mention the other kid punched him in the back of the head when he was just getting books from his locker, then when he hit the ground unconscious.. he stomped his face three times. Poor kid's face is in bad shape. Gonna need some serious reconstructive surgery. All because he said hi in the hallway to the other kid's ex-gf (which the article fails to mention the attacker threw HER up against her locker earlier in the day. yet the kid was allowed to roam the halls after that happened. great school, isnt it?)

But seriously.. how cowardly is this?? The victim is a really skinny dude in the first place and he's a nice kid - definitely not the kind who you would even feel good about beating up. If this punk thinks hes so tough, why couldnt he just tell my gf's cousin to his face that he had a problem with him?
I"M SO F*CKING FURIOUS OVER THIS SH*T!!! I wish I was 17 again so I could find him and return the favor.

Can you imagine being the parents in a situation like this?? They're completely devastated and theres not much they can do. The punk was arrested and they're pressing charges, but he's done sh*t like this before and apparently got away with it.

Now he knows not to fuck around with other people's bitch.
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