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Default Re: Pernell Whitaker >>>Manny Pacquaio

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Boxing is called the 'sweet science' for a reason. If people want to watch two guys brawling and flailing punches at each other, I suggest a tough man contest.

Great boxers want to hit and not be hit. Whitaker didn't run. Watch this video and tell me that he was 'running.' He wasn't... He was just great at making guys miss.

If judges can't respect that, they don't understand the sport and they should find a different occupation. To me, it is an art to fight the way that PBF and Whittaker do/did. Willie Pep once won a round without throwing a punch... That is true defensive skill. These guys are a joy to watch for any purist.

Dude.... are you kidding me?!

I agree there's instances where he does a great job at ducking and moving, but for the most part he's literally backing away (in the first fighter section), when he's in the corner he literally walks away and keeps backpedalling for most of the clips.

He'd do some quick combos (which is nothing wrong with that) but then he retreats. Its like he's getting his quick punches (points) and then runs around avoiding punches.

And like I mentioned, there's a thin line between running and good defense. And that was mostly running.

A good defender is a combination of elusiveness (some of which was displayed), keeping your opponent off balance by attacking and just being smart by taking away angles.

What was in display (for the first fighter, I didn't watch after that) was mostly running and literally backpedalling, he might as well be doing the running man.

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