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Default Re: Pernell Whitaker >>>Manny Pacquaio

Originally Posted by andgar923
Just saw clips of the second fighter, and he was running for most of them as well. That's good defense?

Hell... I can do some of that as well.

Now...... the Oscar clips are a different story. Now THAT was great defense, he was doing a wonderful job at avoiding the hits and not running.
Your definition of 'running' and mine must be different. When you have an offensive minded fighter in front of you who is trying to get off, when you bait said fighter into throwing punches and wasting himself while you calmly duck, bob, and weave out of trouble, that is great defense and it is also great strategy. The general sports fan may not like it because they want every fight to be a slugfest, but if you can hit and not be hit, you should absolutely do it.
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