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Default Re: Pernell Whitaker >>>Manny Pacquaio

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I'll break it down for you in its simplest terms... The difference between what Floyd and Pernell do and 'running' is that they bait fighters into letting their hands go and throwing punches. That is part of the beauty of great defense. They make you think that they are open for punches, but when opponents throw, they find nothing but air.

If a guy was just in the ring running around, boxers would follow, but wouldn't let their hands go. When you have guys throwing 5-punch combinations and not connecting with any, that is superb defense.

Boxers don't just mindlessly throw punches, especially on that level. When those guys let their hands go, they expect to connect on at least some of them. Whittaker would literally stick his chin out, begging guys to open up.

Floyd literally follows fighters around the ring. I've seen him back guys down, but not throw punches. He waits in his shell for the punches to come. When they do, he avoids them and fires back with perfectly timed counter shots.

If you don't see that, I don't know what to tell you.


Again... there's a difference, a thin one but a difference. I agree with most of that, and they do some of that, but they also do alot of running. Where boxers have to chase them down (without swinging), or at times they do exactly what you first described but in the middle of the combinations backpedal and backpedal.

I half agree with you (and have the entire time), I just don't get why you can't also see them running as well. I agree that they do what you say they do, but they also do alot of what I say they do.
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