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Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Why I'm rooting for losses:

1) It gets Colangelo (and hopefully others) fired more quickly.

2) If you have to give up a lottery pick, this is the year to do it. I don't care whether they give up the 4th pick or the 13th. In fact, if they lose the 4th pick then it's even more embarassing for the management.

3) Maybe the Raptors get lucky and get into the top 3 this year. For a team so lacking in top-tier talent, I'll take a top 3 pick in any draft.

4) Colangelo gets fired sooner!

5) Making the playoffs and being slaughtered in the first round accompllishes nothing positive. In fact, it more than likely leads management/ownership to believe that this team is "close". Much like the year when they won the Atlantic division only because the rest of the East was horrendous. What happened afterwards? The Raptors played true to their talent level and never did anything significant. You don't build a "winning atmosphere" with 1st round exits! Those are meaningless for the most part.

6) A horrible year could be the sign that the Raptors need to do a proper rebuild and only look to keep certain young and/or cheap players. Basically only Valanciunas and maybe Davis and Ross.


I agree with all of this.

When we started out of the gates rather poorly, I was a bit excited that we might get to keep our own pick this year. We've picked it up since then and I think we should just get it over with and give OKC the pick. I'm on the Andrew Wiggins bandwagon and I definitely want a shot at him next year.

The way I see it, BC's screwed up this franchise worse than Babcock did, and that's saying something. I'm also fine with sucking for a few years if it meant top draft picks and the chance at high end talent. Being in the type of market we are, it's increasingly difficult to lure elite talent in free agency. The draft is really the only way for a team like ours to improve.

I thought we finally had that chance after drafting Jonas, then with the then upcoming 2012 draft. Jonas plus one another top pick(Davis, Lillard, Beal, Kidd-Gilchrist, Barnes, Waiters) would have been a very nice place to start. Unfortunately, BC screwed that up. And on a team like ours, it's ridiculous that guys like Aaron Gray, Alan Anderson, Landy Fields, etc are seeing more playing time than Ed Davis or Terrence Ross. We're not going to do anything. Throw those guys out there and see what they can do. I'd rather have Ross out there launching jumpers in crunch time instead of Anderson. At least Ross will learn from it. Anderson's 30 and peaked.
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