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Default Re: Pieces around Rose

Originally Posted by Bulls_Fan20
Brad Miller would be good, but I still don't think Zack Randolph is worth having on any team. Anything he gets you on the offensive end he gives right back on defense. Not to mention that he still has two more years left on his contract after this year at about $15 million per. Also, if you add up his assists, blocks, and steals, they barely exceed his turnovers, which is never a good thing. Eddy Curry is the master of that, but Randolph was second or third worst in the NBA in that ratio last season. He's just too much of a headcase for Paxson/Reinsdorf to consider, so I don't think we can expect Randolph in Bulls colors any time soon.

Miller is another story. I really like his skill set, and while he may not be as good as he used to be, he still has a lot of value for any team. He can post you up, hit an outside shot, or dish it to the open man, which makes him very dangerous considering his lack of athleticism. He isn't an elite scoring option, but he doesn't have to be on this team. All he would have to do is sit in the post, get an entry pass, actually catch the pass without turning it over (glares at TT and Noah), and go from there. Teams that run their offense through the post are almost always more successful on offense, and also get more high quality shots. He can hit a turnaround jumper if he's posting up, but if Rose decides he wants to take his guy off the dribble, Miller is standing out by the 3-point line, and his defender has to go out and guard him because he has that kind of range.

So, to recap, Miller = great fit...Randolph = me reaching for one of those little brown bags that airlines have in the seat in front of you

Worst thing about Randolph is his contract. He's had a couple 20/10 seasons, and 18/10 last season. How would that not be good for this team? Randolph also plays for the Knicks, one of the worst organizations in the NBA right now. He's not happy over there. I'd take Randolph over Miller any day. Even a prime Miller.
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