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Default Re: Magic, Worthy, and most NBA Analysts pick Heat to repeat

Originally Posted by magicmanfan
I think Magic and Worthy are just trying to put the pressure on
the Heat.... Deep down they believe!!!

The NBA Analysts probably have to promote the Heat to counter
all the LBJ hatred out there.....

Go Lakers!!!

Yeah I agree. Its always the "safe" comment to pick the team that won the championship to repeat. It should be factored in however, that it is so difficult to win a championship....let alone repeat. When you play 1 team so many times in the playoffs, even if they are the garbage 8th seed, your offensive and defensive schemes are getting picked up on and constantly need to be modified by coaching staffs. I don't really like Erik Spoelstra as a coach because he doesn't stand out in that sense. Of course its more important for players to hustle and play with heart, but the experienced coach makes it a bit easier.

With that being said, look for the lakers and thunder to grind it out for a spot in the finals, against none other than the Miami Heats.
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