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Default Re: Akon suggests that blacks move to Africa following George Zimmerman acquittal

Being black is America is still weird. I'm not going to deny it.

But it's hard to explain exactly why, or how, it's weird. Because racism as we know it basically doesn't exist anymore. It is the #1 most culturally frowned-upon thing in our culture.

But that doesn't mean there aren't racial and cultural tensions still.

My instinct, though, is to say that nothing productive can be said or exchanged in the context of this trial. It's one of those "the media evokes our tribal savage / pack animal mentality because it's profitable and exciting" moments. I think there's actually very little cultural substance to this trial. What little there is is attributable to the state and future of America's gun culture, not racial profiling and such things. Maybe I'm wrong. But I think nobody cares if you're black, Akon, and you've probably got a better shot at prosperity here than in Africa, which has about as much cultural affinity to most American blacks as Finland does.
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