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Originally Posted by dd24
I can't believe all this negativity I see about Stuckey now. Everybody loved him in the begining of the season and now everybody is ready to write him off already. The guy was practically a rookie last season. Remember how much of his rookie season he missed??? He put up 13 pts and 5 assists per game. That's not a bad season for his experience. Do you guys realize that Billups put up 18 pts and 6 assists per game last year. Don't get me wrong, Billups is definitely the better of the two but for a 2nd year guy without much rookie experience you can see Stuckey is well on track. What is with everybody not giving a person any sort of chance? What will you do if Matthew Stafford gets thrown in too early for the Lions? You know he can't succeed if that happens. It's the same situation here, since Joe D set up that entire Iverson trade. If Stuckey would have had another year behind Billups to get better he would probably have been fine. Things didn't work out that way. Stuckey/Rip > Bynum/Rip. It's not even a debate. Luckily the Detroit Pistons see it the same way. If Bynum was that much better Curry would play him. He would because winning games is how coaches keep their jobs. Do you think if Phil Jackson was the coach of the Pistons he would start Bynum? How about Larry Brown or Pat Riley? It's an absolute no they would not. I like Bynum but he isn't a starter in this league. Can't we be happy with being solid at the PG position? It's our front line we need to worry about. We have a good back court. Our back court is as good as anybodys.

I don't want to be a jerk, but WHAT?! He played 57 of 82 games his rookie season, of course he missed a lot of games be he played a very good portion of them. People started to jump on the stuckey bandwagon when he was putting up those 30, 40 point games, and I think that was when rip was injured, which might help the whole don't play rip and stuckey together thing. Yes he had a good rookie season... off the bench. "What is with everybody not giving a person any sort of chance?" Exactly! Now give Bynum a chance. And Curry is a crap coach and I think everyone knows it. Would other coaches start Bynum, I'm not sure, I think he would have a fairer shot in a different organization to start, I think Joe D has this love thing going on for stuckey and feels the need to start him. Our backcourt is as good as anybodys? Definitely not. Maybe if you're talking about a teams entire backcourt then our stuckey, rip, bynum, afflalo backcourt is probably top 5 offensively, but factor in defense and there are a lot of better backcourts. Remember how PGs would how career nights against us all the time last year? Yes our front court needs help but you can't just say focus on the main factor and forget about the other ones. Drafting/signing/trading will fix our frontcourt problems, while mixing around the rotation can maybe improve our backcourt.

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