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When I say backcourt I do mean as a whole. That's how you have to look at it. Of course we got lit up when AI was in there. He can't defend anyone. Which is why I like Rip so much more. He's bigger and longer. It's harder to shoot over him. Same goes for Stuckey. Bynum is a backup PG in this league. It's crazy for us to even discuss it because we all know who is going to start next year at PG. If we wanted to look at just numbers it's not like Billups are all that spectacular either but we know what he brings to a team. Numbers aren't everything which is what I was trying to point out before. Bynum is a great backup to come in and give a spark. Stuckey is going to be a solid PG. Rip is an all-star and Afflalo did a good job playing as a backup. What back court would you rather have???? Maybe LA because they have Kobe. I take our back court over Boston, definitely Orlando, Cleveland, and Philly. Chicago might be able to make a case since they have Rose. Possibly Miami because of Wade but I still like us better than Chalmers/Wade. The point is the good teams in the East don't really have better back courts than us and yet here we are splitting hairs about ours. We have money. We don't need to blow our team up. Let's work on the front line. That has been our down fall. There has been nobody next to Sheed since Ben left. That's what allows other teams gaurds to make shots in the lane. There's nobody there to clog it up.
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