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Originally Posted by GOBB
It seems not to long ago Philly was a rising team. Now it seems they are back to mediocrity. Brand just doesnt impress me as I thought he would. Dalembert is worthless and probably will be the first expirer no team wants. I can not get a feel fror Iggy when he is shooting. His shot just seems like it will never go in as it leaves his hands. Just the way he sets up his shot seems off. You look at most shooters in the NBA then look at Iggy.

The teams defense is horrible. The 3pt shooting is again weak. I love Ivy's defense but i can only tolerate him in a games but for so long. Shall I scout college basketball prospects or keep faith? Its very early and as the season progresses this team can gel. But just lookin at the overall makeup of the team? I'm just not too thrilled.

Philly shouldve blown out NYK but Harrington and that euro kid torched us.

sixers could have been a rising team if they didn't throw the bank at brand. now we're strapped for a few more years. they look good imo, but like every decent team they have a ceiling.
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