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Default Re: Off-season Improvement

Originally Posted by Timmy D for MVP
Get a new PG, who can create for himself and for others. Get Yao faster so he can guard a fast PF when Chuck has to guard a shooting big. Get Yao stronger so he can fight through doubles, and make the turn-around fades. Get Yao some court vision so he can pass out of doubles if he needs to.....

Basically need to work with Yao to take him to the next level.

Wow would love to see that but lets get real get him faster that is going to be very hard and stronger is probably a thing with Yao himself just isnt that aggressive. And instead of developing his fade why not develop his post game since it is in need of some help because he cant dominate a game and he is 7-6. Court vision isnt the problem the problem is him being so turn over pron work on that.

Basically we have to recycle Yao Ming. And it will take forever to get Yao better at all these things.
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