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Default Re: OKC offseason 2015

Ibaka interview about the injury hit season...his documentary and scott brook's future

Q.Wanted to ask you about the Thunder season too. What has gone wrong with the team aside from injuries?

SI:What happened is very clear: Injuries. Injuries have removed us from contention. That was it. I’ve had a bad ankle all year long. Bad back all year long. It’s not just that I got injured late in the season, which everybody knows about… I hurt my ankle with the National Team last summer and it’s been bad all year long.

Q.It’s going to be a contract year for Kevin Durant next season. With superstars like him in those situations, there’s always going to be speculation about the future. Do you think the team is going to be ready to deal with that?

SI:I think so. And I think Kevin is going to handle it very well too. I don’t want to talk much about this because I’m not an expert in these things and it’s very early… But knowing him, we’re going to be good. The way he is as a person, I’m not worried about it at all. He’s going to be focused on the team.

rest of the interview
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