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Default Re: MVP & DPOY 2017 Edition

Originally Posted by Charlie Sheen
I have a question for you.

If the Giants miraculously turn this around and end up with 10 wins, why should the shit version the Cowboys and Lions abused boost strength of schedule at the end of the season?
yeah that too...week 1 Giants =/= week 17 Giants

I think it is almost pointless to look at SoS

Maybe toward the end of the year it becomes meaningful...but right now at week 2? there is little point in trying to figure out who's schedule is the my opinion anyway. Shit changes week to week in this league. of right now there are only a handful of teams that I would label as 'easy wins'...Jets, Colts w/o Luck, Browns, maybe a couple others. Every team has a hard road, and whoever wins MVP will have beaten hard competition.
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