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In honor of prime Jordan, here are some clips I uploaded a while ago (not for this topic).

Rookie year drive:

Sixers drive, '91 playoffs:

Lakers drive, '91 Finals (not the famous "switch hands" move)

Replay of the above drive where you can see that he goes between his legs at around the foul line in response to the defense collapsing on him to his right; notice in the full speed clip that he doesn't even break forward motion on the between-the-legs. Crazy.

Jam against Heat, '92 playoffs:

Knicks drive (not the famous baseline spin on Oakley and jam over Ewing):

Cavs drive, '93 playoffs:

Phoenix dunk from a game where he had 53/14/8:

Crazy UNC/UCLA alumni game layup:

Celtics fastbreak (this is crazy because he goes from the opposite FT line to the other end of the court in 3 seconds...while dribbling; I wish they wouldn't have cut to the other camera like they did):

Enjoy. :) I've been trying to combine all my clips into one long video file (because it's a pain in the a$$ to download multiple small files), but the program I use (Windows Movie Maker) slows down the speed of the video by about 10-15% for some reason, so you don't get the same sense of speed that you do from the individual clips.

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