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Default Re: Games are supposed to be relaxing?

Originally Posted by SunsCaptain
The problem isnt that im bad its that im good.

Thus i dont ever feel I should lose...ever. Which i know is terrible its just how i see it. So when something doesnt go my way it irritates me.

I have alrdy quit gaming.

I am far to competetive and I would like to focus more on school and put my competetive heart, effort, and time towards achieving more in the real world.

And lol @ challenge of online gaming...ppl online are morons.
Online gaming is a challenge, which is why people who don't like losing get frustrated. You have to adapt to new players at different skill levels and completely different styles of play. Why say it's frustrating and then laugh at someone saying it's a challenge? That's a bit...odd.

A balanced human being should be able to give all the effort and focus needed in real life while having a hobby, especially a hobby like gaming which should not have any effect on your life.
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