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Default Re: Games are supposed to be relaxing?

Originally Posted by SunsCaptain
The only people who think online games are challenging and have fun playing online games are people that are bad.

Because if you are bad like 90% of the people that play online games you have no pressure or standards.
You have a f*cked up perspective on things. None of what you say is true, and the whole bit about you being so bad ass and good which is why you're frustrated, you're not fooling anyone. You are just another sore loser who can't cope with video games because you obsess over it and it takes over your personal life. You've all but said it in those words dude.

It's a great thing you're giving up video games. Bravo for being able to get rid of such a burden. I'm sure you'll make a killer omelette someday because of it.
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