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TL;DR discuss his improvement this year.

Let me start by saying don't get me wrong, I realize his "next man up, we have more than enough to win" is his whole shtick and has been since he came here. But with that said he's proving that this year. The team didn't beat the Nets because the Nets were a worse team, hell I don't even think it was their lackadaisical attitude. It was how good he is now, his execution is consistently perfect, his rotations are nearly flawless, and don't get me started on his ability to motivate. He pumped the guys up made each one believe that they could...and they did. Which leads me too...

I think he needed this year. I think he needed Rose to miss the season, Deng to get hurt, Rip to be...R.I.P., and all the other injuries. It made him such a better coach. He was a top ten guy before, but now that I think about it he's top 3. maybe even the second best over Doc, maybe. I think that facing all these obstacles taught him a lot. Made him learn a lot. Take a page or two out of Doc/JVG's books.

Why he needed it? To build trust in his guys. Don't get me wrong he believed in them always we saw that when he'd leave the bench mob in when they were playing well. but he never played the bench big in the playoffs. (which was my main criticism of him) But now? After the Deng injury Jimmy was finally given a chance. And Thibs saw what he had. And kept giving him minutes even if Jimmy had a less than stellar game. Kinda the same with Teague but too a far lesser extent. I never thought he'd get key minutes in a game 7, or noticeable minutes in a game against the Heat that every possession was key, that every mistake was magnified, and every defensive stand crucial.

Let's be honest Teague has a lot of potential, look at the way he gets to the rim each and every time he wants too basically, but he's not good enough to be playing now. Old Thibs probably would have played Nate 48, or used Marco at the point and play Rip and trust his veterans over him. Hell maybe he even would have played Cook over the young talented, but unproven rookie.

Then, aside from that. His offensive execution is really good. Those out of bounds plays? They've improved so much this year it seems. Same with late in the game plays. I realize some of that is Nate getting lucky but damn. It just seems like he's realized a lot in this year because of the unbelievable amount of challenges he faced.

sidenote: Had Thibs ever done the intentional fouling before game 4?

You can give me that bullshit about rusty heat players or whatever. You can give me that for a half or so. But after that it's on the defense for why that happened. They played great, and it was on him. On paper we shouldn't stand a chance, even if you know the team I don't think any of us would think we would have won that game even as close as it was with two minutes left. Just absolutely flawless.
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