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Default Re: Go to move. picking your spots

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Yeah, the Timmy Hardaway clip is a bad representation of what I do, in retrospect. That play was the influence for what I developed, but I developed it a lot differently. Like I said, I don't do it nearly as smoothly and softly. It's definitely more of a stutter and explode (as opposed to Timmy's one fluid motion in that play). I guess it'd be a little closer to the very first clip here, though again, I think I chop my feet a little more:

Also, props for the MJ live dribble baseline spin. It's never been something I've really been able to utilize with any sort of regularity and effectiveness. In fact, there's really only one time I remember pulling it off - and it was so ugly. Er, maybe the move itself was alright, but I nearly traveled with a high dribble before I even initiated it. 7:21 mark here:

Yea see that move you did at 7:21 I do stuff like that all over the floor. I practice dribbles like that all the time too... between that and floaters those are like my bread and butter these days ha. You are aggressive going to the rim Rake that's legit.

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