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I didn't see a trade thread, so sorry for making a new one (if there already was one).

I was just thinking the other day... granted, we should see how this season goes, but I think the team could be improved by a decent amount by trading bynum for an athletic wingman that can defend, create his own shot, etc... basically take some "creation" pressure off kobe, take some defensive pressure off of him, move Odom back to the 4 spot (more athletic than gasol, so better able to guard the new generation PF) while still keeping a post presence.

This is what I posted in a sixers forum:

"I was thinking about the Lakers the other day, and how they will

Not worrying about salaries, how does this trade sit with you?

Sixers get: Bynum, first round pick from Lakers

lakers get: Iggy, 1st and 2nd round picks from sixers

My thinking was this: your team has a glut of swingmen (granted, not as good as Iggy, but a glut nonetheless, and they are all young) and very few post players. the general thinking is that post players are the most valuable commodity in the league... so trade an up-and-coming star in the post for an up-and-coming star on the wings. Iggy isn't a good go-to player... imagine a front court of bynum and dalembert harrassing defenses, with louis williams, andre miller, thaddeus young, rodney stuckey/carney (whichever you have, I can never remember) on the wings. That is a solid team, IMO

Lakers still have their post presence with Gasol, but with Iggy they get better overall team defense, and a much more athletic lineup with Odom at the 4 (better able to guard the marions and amares and dirks than gasol or bynum) and Iggy at the 3.

I like it for both teams... what do you think? Only reason I have the sixers giving up two draft picks is for the aforementioned "fact" that post players are more valuable than swingmen"

what do you think? I'm not giving up on bynum at all.. just saying it may be a good move to enhance the team a little
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