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Originally Posted by chips93
anything about his style of play?

i get the impression that hes a prolific shooter, maybe a bit trigger happy from deep.

would he be a combo forward in the nba?

what about defensively and on the boards? ive heard he is quite weak in these areas

You have heard from people that have never seen him play. Draftexpress, "writers" that copy things from draftexpress, youtube highlights, etc.

I would not call him weak at rebounding, nor is there any way that he is a combo forward.

I would call him solid at rebounding and adequate on defense by NBA standards, but he needs work there. His coach in Europe is way more demanding on defense than most NBA coaches are. He should be better on defense, but he's probably fine for the NBA, as the NBA is a much worse league defensively than the Euroleague is.

For example, Batum is considered a really good defender in the NBA, and he looked below average to me defensively in the Euroleague. But yes, Teletovic's weak area would probably be his defense.

US sports writers claimed Scola was extremely weak at rebounding before he came to the NBA.

Look up Nikola Pekovic's rebounding stats in Euroleague, then compare it to his NBA rebounding stats.

The Euroleague is exponentially more physical and tougher league than the NBA. These dumb writers in the US (including draftexpress) think 5 rebounds in Euroleague is "weak" and would equal 3 in the NBA.

The opposite is true. 5 rebounds in Euroleague is more like 7-8 in the NBA, which is a much softer and less physical league.

As far as the trigger happy thing, yes. He's probably the biggest gunner in Europe, along with Navarro. But, he hits enough of those shots to get away with it. But sometimes he throws up insanely ridiculous attempts though.

He does have a tendency to take some Carlos Delfinoo type heat checks. But, he's a better shooter than Delfino is.

He' is not playing SF, in any league.

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