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Originally Posted by chips93
i get the feeling that he isnt much of a creator, how is his ball handling? can he create a shot for himself/others? or is he more of an elite spot-up shooter, who can make straight line drives, if you take away the 3pt shot

He is a 3 point shooter off the dribble, or off a catch, but better off the dribble. He also plays in the low post. He has a really nice vertical and can attack the rim, so he will look to do so if he gets a chance.

But he does not really create his own shot, nor for other players.

He plays something like Dirk, with less offensive diversity, shot creation, but with more range and he is more athletic. But shorter, so he isn't shooting over people really. Instead he just shoots so far away that they can't guard him, or he uses a nice step back move and creates separation to get the jump shot off.
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