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    Default Re: Laker Crisis Hotline Open for Business

    It would not surprise me if it were true. They are definitely not playing in synch and look to be completely dysfunctional. PJ was openly all up in Pau's grill tonight. Shades of 2004 all over again.

    I do appreciate KB's demeanor after the game

    Quote Originally Posted by Doomsday Dallas
    Just thought I'd stop by and post this real quick:

    Kind of a 2-watt move, but I can understand since there's absolutely nobody hanging out in the Dallas forum and it's not much fun celebrating in a totally empty club. Get your party on, y'all have a ton of catching up to do.
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    Default Re: Laker Crisis Hotline Open for Business

    I keep trying to call but the phone is busy Mike!!!!

    Awww man....this sh*tty season is about to be over.

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    Default Re: Laker Crisis Hotline Open for Business

    fcuking kobe needs to understand that he is not 20 anymore and fcuking sit out regular season games when he is he is fresh during the playoffs...

    I havent seen him once driving in this series...fcuking ediot...get adapted to the fact that u are getting old and you are most needed in the playoffs and stop caring about playing all 82 games...he is tired as FCUK and injured as HELL...

    this will also give the young players to play more minutes and get confidence...

    Dirk is always SOFT...but that SOFTIE has made Gasolina HIS personal favorite bytc1h to ride come pau is so soft...fcuk man

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