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    Default Re: Ankle pain after basketball but no swelling

    are you stretching properly before and after the games?

    foam roll also helps tremendously, try "foam rolling" using a golf or tennis ball for the bottom of your feet.

    also, do some ankle stability, mobility exercises, strengthening your ankles can possible help with your problems.

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    Default Re: Ankle pain after basketball but no swelling

    Grade 1 sprains are light sprains that usually allow return to sport in 2-3 weeks. Grade 2 ankle sprains involve greater injury to the ligament and can take up 4-6 weeks to allow full return to sport. Grade 3 injuries are more severe in nature and often involve full tearing of the ligament and possible bone fracture.

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    Default Re: Ankle pain after basketball but no swelling

    Quote Originally Posted by stevieming View Post
    Hello Guys,

    Got a bit of a strange one, doctors are useless, as they just advocate rest. It's difficult to google it, as symptoms are unusual and lengthy.

    I am fine before playing, and I do the usual warm ups, everything is fine in terms of speed, cuts, lateral movement in the game. But after about an hour and a half to two hours, my left ankle locks up and it feels like a light ankle sprain, there is pain and stiffness and it buggers up my game completely. Right foot is totally fine.

    There is no swelling, there is no red marks. I just limp away after every session like a gimpy old man. Sometimes the ache and pains come earlier and my game just crumbles as I can't then drive or hit a jump shot, which isn't good in the fourth quarter.

    I ice it up, and literally the next day it's fine again.

    Have had this for 3 weeks now, and did not have any injuries as a precursor, as I spent new years and xmas ill with flu..
    It's a bummer when doctors don't seem to have the answers, but don't sweat it. Your symptoms might be a bit out of the ordinary, making it tough to find info online. It's awesome that you're doing all the right warm-ups and moving smoothly during the game. But after a while, your left ankle starts acting up and throws a wrench in your game, feeling like a sprain. No swelling or red marks, though. It's like you're hobbling away like an old-timer afterward. Sometimes the pain even messes with your game earlier, and that's no good, especially in crunch time. Good call on icing it up, though, 'cause it seems to do the trick the next day.

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