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Thread: Jeff Green wants to do it all in playoffs

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    Default Jeff Green wants to do it all in playoffs

    After scoring 20 points in the first half of the Celtics' 85-78 loss to the Knicks in Game 1 of an Eastern Conference first-round series, Jeff Green mustered just six points over the final 24 minutes as he logged a game-high 45:35 of floor time and spent a portion of that defending New York's Carmelo Anthony.

    Celtics head coach Doc Rivers said fatigue from playing too many minutes may have factored into Green's second-half output, but Green said Tuesday he has to remain aggressive on offense, even if he's playing heavy minutes.

    "I've just got to do it," Green said before the team's morning shootaround at Madison Square Garden. "I've just go to play through the fatigue. I've got to continue to look for mine, basically. There's no excuses now. I want to be out there, I want to compete. I want to play against the best, I want to guard Carmelo, I want to do it all. It's just something I've just got to get through."

    -- ESPN Boston

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    Default Re: Jeff Green wants to do it all in playoffs

    offensively melo cant guard green if he really tries but its hard to stop melo :) even LBJ cant ...

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