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    Default Re: Rubio can really PASS the ball. Next Magic?

    Quote Originally Posted by jdm_dc_fan
    Rondo is more efficient, better rebounder, defender, higher IQ, and a playoff performer. Rubio is a poor mans rondo but flashier passer.
    Rondo 2p% .499
    Rubio 2p% .367

    Rondo 3p% .241
    Rubio 3p% .367

    Rondo FT% .621
    Rubio FT% .807
    if you believe in eFG (being a Wilt/Shaq type guy, I tend to think it's mostly hogwash) then Rondo has advantage there.
    USG% dead even.

    Rondo 4.5 RPG
    Rubio 4.6 RPG

    Rondo is not better than Rubio is, at any facet of defense. He's had better teammates so his so-called advanced defensive ratings look better. He's not better on ball, nor off-ball, doesn't get more steals, nor is he better in transition D. Rubio has destroyed at least 2 4on1 fast break opportunities this season which is elite.

    rondo higher bb IQ than Rubio is lulz

    Rondo to guys like Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce: 8.3 - 11
    Rubio to guys like (D-league 10-day contract) Chris Johnson, Wes Johnson & Luke Ridnour: 7.7-8
    Rubio to guys like Kevin Martin, Nikola Pekovic & Kevin Love: 9.7 & climbing

    And last: how do you know Rondo is a better playoff performer? Rubio's Wolves have not been injury free long enough to know what Rubio will be like in the playoffs.
    So really.......... your post needs a lot of work.
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    Default Re: Rubio can really PASS the ball. Next Magic?

    When his feet are set he is actually a pretty good shooter. He hits a decent amount of 3's due to this and he is shooting roughly 90% from the line.

    When he is shooting off the dribble is the problem. It is awful watching him try those.

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