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Thread: Mario Chalmers vs LeBron James argument

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    Default Mario Chalmers vs LeBron James argument

    The fact that this team won't back down from one another when it comes to wanting things done the right way is exactly what you should want. It would be far worse having supporting players who cower from the team's stars, thereby limiting their ability to contribute. Now, if it lingers and impacts play on the court, then you have an issue. But blowing off steam? That's far less toxic than other approaches. Years ago, this was a locker room that was fractured at times, players bad-mouthing teammates, mocking one another from different sides of the team bus. In the wake of Mario v. LeBron there were handshakes, very public apologies and then Twitter love. Besides, U.D. only tolerates so much whether he's playing or rooting on from the bench.

    -- South Florida Sun Sentinel

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    better question is when does Mario C. return...

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