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    Default How Danny Granger can still help these Pacers

    His is a story that requires a second look, one in which it must first be acknowledged that people don't typically feel pity for players who earn more in one season than the average American will make in 274 years, according to the latest census data. But money always seems to fail when it comes to filling one's soul, even ungodly amounts like the $14 million he's owed in this final year of his $60 million deal.

    So it was that Granger had a choice to make last month when he returned from the left knee problems that kept him out of all but five games last season and the left calf injury that cost him nearly two months of this one: lament about the fact that he went from being an alpha All-Star before all the knee and calf troubles to being a complementary piece upon return, or embrace the experience for the good of the group and take solace in the silver lining that he could be the X-factor for a potent Pacers team that needs all the help it can get come playoff time. Granger, quite clearly, has chosen the latter. And for that he deserves praise.

    -- Indianapolis Star

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    Default Re: How Danny Granger can still help these Pacers

    Danny's gone!

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