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Thread: Julius Randle says his foot is fine

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    Default Julius Randle says his foot is fine

    Kentucky forward Julius Randle downplayed reports that his right foot might require surgery after this month's draft, stressing that his foot is fine and he's pain-free.

    After going through an individual workout for the Boston Celtics on Friday, Randle said no team or doctor has told him that he would require surgery to replace a pin that was inserted after breaking the foot in high school.

    "My foot is fine," said Randle. "Everybody has their opinion on what they should do. But I'm pain-free. No pain before, during, or after. I'm fine."

    -- ESPN Boston

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    Default Re: Julius Randle says his foot is fine

    I think this kid is either going to be the Paul Pierce (a great player who fell to tenth for some reason) or Jared Sullinger 2.0.

    I am leaning towards him being good. No way I'd take Vonleh or Gordon ahead of him, but feel free Utah and Boston.

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