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    Default Now back oN Cavs, LeBron goes back to jersey No. 23

    No. 6 is no longer. LeBron James, who had earlier asked fans which number he should wear in his return to Cleveland, announced via Instagram on Sunday that he will go back to wearing No. 23, the jersey he wore throughout high school and during his first stint with the Cavaliers.

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    Default Re: Now back oN Cavs, LeBron goes back to jersey No. 23

    Who cares


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    Default Re: Now back oN Cavs, LeBron goes back to jersey No. 23

    In 21 out of the 24 years since 1991, the team leader in shot attempts (#1 option) on the Finals-winning team took more than 25.56% of the team's shots - which means that the load Lebron took on in 2014 Finals (25.56% of his team's shots) was not a large load, and the notion that he couldn't have done more, or that no one else would have done more, is wrong - 21 out of the last 24 did more.

    A bigger load from Lebron wasn't just feasible, it was necessary.. The Heat had the worst offense of any Spurs opponent (lowest ppg.. biggest differential to Spurs in Ortg) and frequently couldn't answer after the Spurs converted - this contributed to the Spurs momentum as much as the Heat's bad defense did.. *A bad offense makes the opponent's offense better, just like a bad defense does.

    Despite it being both feasible and necessary, Lebron opted to continue his high efficiency, low-shot-attempt style like a fat cat on Wallstreet, hoarding his FG% and low-risk load like profits during an economic meltdown - but this approach failed to disrupt the Spurs defense or attract sufficient defensive attention to free up his teammates.

    Since when does a guy that didn't pass (turnovers equaled his assists) or play defense (blew his assignment on the Finals MVP) or take on a large load (4th smallest in 24 years) - so he basically just GOT HIS in a blowout loss - get to walk away without any blame?...

    Only Lebron.. and only in this day and age where it makes all the monetary sense in the world to keep comparing this guy to the real goat, whose physical and skill superiority is now more clear than ever.. It makes sense why Lebron would need to jump ship every few years to keep up the pace.

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