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Thread: Kawhi Leonard hasn't even scratched his potential yet...

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    Default Re: Kawhi Leonard hasn't even scratched his potential yet...

    I see quite a bit of Sean Elliott in him.

    Obviously he's a much better defender (though prime Elliott is always underrated in this department), but they were both average-to-good at almost everything offensively.

    But I'll say it again: Kawhi won't even average 20 PPG in a season. That doesn't mean he won't have a tremendous impact on the floor; that's just what it is. His peak statistically will be something like 17/8/2.5 on good shooting and great D.

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    Default Re: Kawhi Leonard hasn't even scratched his potential yet...

    Quote Originally Posted by Milbuck
    Ceiling to me means what that player can become under 100% perfect circumstances in terms of situation, guidance, work ethic, mindset, etc. What that player would be if he maxed out every single aspect of his game. If we consider that..Kawhi's ceiling is pretty damn high, imo. People are quick to temper expectations and I don't see why, when we're talking about a player's's called a ceiling for a reason. In no way does it mean that player will actually reach it.

    For Kawhi I think it's something like a more scoring-oriented version of a slightly poor man's Scottie Pippen. Less natural playmaking vision, slightly better scoring capability.

    Odds are he won't reach it, in fact I'm positive he won't, but that's his absolute maximum potential imo. Again, if everything goes 100% perfectly in his development.

    A more realistic comparison I think would be a humble, sane version of prime Artest with better scoring/shooting. Which to me is a monster of a two-way player, 20-22 ppg on offense and DPOY level perimeter defense.

    He's only 23..this dude has potentially 6-7 years left to improve and when you have Gregg Popovich coaching you, Timmy D, Manu, Parker, etc to learn from, the value of those 6-7 years are taken to another level entirely.

    Bump and bow

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