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Thread: How do you get Hops?

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    Default Re: How do you get Hops?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lebron23
    Ankle Weights

    I think trying to push my pretty good hops (like 34-36 at age 13-14) to dunking hops was what destroyed my ankle.

    I dunno if I buy ankle weights as a good thing either. We were playing 1v1 with ankle weights on. lol. Winner wears the ankle weights. We did some crazy shit. Was fun but stupid. Also did a bunch of calf raises... I remember going to an Illinois bball game after I did a night of calf raises and I could barely make it up to where my seat was. I was telling my cousin I had done hundreds of half raises the night before and he was like rly? I guess he didn't think people did that.

    I need to start doing them again tho cuz they are the weakest part of my body. I take fitness way more srs than I did when I was athletic.

    I would say play ball for one... and make sure that you are smart about your weight and proportions, you might not be ready for 6 more inches on your vert. Gotta take it slow. I can say you CAN add a lot in one summer if you go hard... just like you can put a good amount on your bench, but... I dunno if that's proper for long term.

    Think about how you'd feel if you legitly crippled your ability to play competitive basketball and ease up.

    Edit: Should also be noted I didn't do much stretching and I slept/sat around a lot of the time, too. I def took it too fast. But, again, I really do think if you want to that you can add a lot to your vert/speed and that it will help. I've seen it happen, I've done it. It helps your game in that you'll get blocks or rebounds or people will be like DAMN... but it's risky, as I said, all out jumping in a bball game is a huge risk unless you have really good control. You can really get hurt. That's why it's good to be like Bron and set a wide base, work on your power jumping opposed to trying to just take off off of one foot. You won't get as high, but it's safer. Only take off when you know you very little traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Im Still Ballin
    That Higher Faster Stronger website is a gold mine for athletes

    Kelly Baggett is pretty much the man when it comes to athletic training.

    Future repped

    One other thing to be said you should hopefully have access to a nice gym to follow his training program(s). If you are o

    Quote Originally Posted by ThickassGlasses
    1. If you can barely lay the ball over a 9.5 foot rim, then it might not happen.

    2. If it's to improve your game, honestly I wouldn't do it. There is a huge difference in dunking for show and dunking in a game. And return on investment just isn't that high.

    3. Like most people have said, it's about your power production. Squats with an emphasis on speed is probably the best bang for your buck "exercise". Any form of jumping is good, but be careful not to overdo it. It's easy to overstress your body with plyo training, especially jumping because you wont feel it until later. I personally would avoid box jumps though, it's more of a hip flexion exercise unless your landing upright, in which it just becomes more dangerous than a typical vert jump.

    4. Finally, get your form down. That will help more than anything else.
    What do you mean? There are vids on youtube of 5'5" - 5'7" guys dunking. They weren't able to dunk without years of hard work.

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    Default Re: How do you get Hops?

    Quote Originally Posted by Im Still Ballin
    Get your squat and deadlift 2x bodyweight atleast 1.75

    Do tonnes of mobility, focusing on ankles and hips... Hit the whole lot, flexion +int/ext rotation, extension +int/ext rotation... Fix up femur positioning if you have an externally rotated femur which most seem to have...

    After squat/dead achieved (full depth) transition into plyos/olympic lifting... Always be doing mobility... Do this for a few months, get that explosion

    Make sure you lean down BF% wise

    Start dunking... working on jumping technique etc... there should be plenty of drills etc on the net...

    Also do some single legged gym work as well... Mainly just for co-ordination and proprioception... Pistol squats are a great choice

    I used to be a state high jumper back in the day, can jump out of the gym, I'd guestimate if I leaned up my vert would be around 40... could probably do 37 at the moment... I was dunking at 5-9 when I was 15... Am now 6-1
    Best advice in this thread.

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    Default Re: How do you get Hops?

    people can say jump rope, plyometrics, crossfit and a bunch of other bullshiieeet that every other clown tries to do but it never works.

    only thing that works is

    1) STRENGTH TRAINING . Get your strength up, before you do any plyometrics or else that shit won't even give you 20% of the benefits it would.

    if you dont have the genetic hops, you need to be strong af and then once you are strong, you convert your strength into power by doing plyometrics

    and i highly suggest reading actual formal and technical guides on plyometrics. not your BS crossfit or insanity p90x videos which are dangerous to the body.

    look up how football practice is structured when they do offseason, and what types of drills they do and how they do the drills.

    they dont do depth jumps 5x100 or some insane volume.

    plyometrics are done in high intensity and low volume. 3 sets of 5 with intensity or something like that. anyways, point is, you need to educate yourself

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    Default Re: How do you get Hops?

    Friend growing up wasn't from an athletic family but always had a slim built. Throughout high school, he ran about 40-50 miles a week regardless, sometimes outside in the snow. Ended up doing a lot of leg workouts and had a 42 inch vertical. He can barely dunk back in the day at 5'7''-5'8''. Finally hit about 5'9" filled out and got jacked. Can't dunk anymore but he did it with a ton of hard work and determination. I give the guy credit, anything he really commits to he usually goes all out for.

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    Default Re: How do you get Hops?

    jump soles increased my vertical by 3 inches instantly, just by walking in them. Unfortunately it goes down fast if you don't keep it up.

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    Default Re: How do you get Hops?

    The best way to get hops is to do body weight exercises that target fast twitch muscle fibers. I can give you some of the best exercises to do this...

    1. Sprints
    2. Burpees
    3. Calf raises
    4 Box jumps

    There are shortcuts on getting hops, the only bad part is you have to pay for them because I can't go through it all here. You have to join a jump program. the only thing is picking one that dose't suck or is a scam. I know of one that gave people real results, i will link to a review I found that does a great job of describing it.
    These programs give you everything from nutrition to improving your jumping form.

    Hopefully this helps

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