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Thread: 2015 draft questions

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    Default 2015 draft questions

    hi let me start with this one ... the twolves can possible snag towns or okafor... yes i know okafor wont be that much of an upgrade over pek but he is younger and can still learn to play defense. but can someone please elaborate this to me .

    Suns receive the Timberwolves 2015 first-round pick. (top 12 protected in 2015 and 2016, or second-round picks in 2016 and 2017) ()

    can the wolves keep the pick or the suns will get it no matter what?
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    Default Re: 2015 draft questions

    Wolves will most likely keep their pick, as of right now, and will need a bit of luck to grab a top two slot to take either of these guys.

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