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Thread: Andrew Bynum

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    Default Re: Andrew Bynum

    He bowled a 300 last week

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    Default Re: Andrew Bynum

    PRP treatment?

    lulz, won't do shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic 32
    Had one good year. And that was a lockout season.
    You probably never saw young Bynum ball. When he was just starting to play good before his first knee injury, he was such an exciting player. And to top it off, the Lakers hired Kareem to personally mentor him throughout the season. All of us Lakers fans thought he was gonna be our next great big man, but injuries really did him in. When he would come back from injury, he'd look nice but he got injured at least once a season. In the playoffs, he didn't really look too great in our championship run, but he held his own in 2012. Too bad that Indiana didn't play him more, he was good in the two games he played...I forgot what happened.

    There's no coming back for him now, though. What's he gonna do, come off the bench for 10-15 mins? He wants to start, and I don't think anyone is gonna offer him a starting position anymore.

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    He's done. Wasted talent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosnian Sajo
    You probably never saw young Bynum ball.
    What a teenage thing to say.

    Late 2007? Yes I as around.

    13/10 on 63% shooting.

    Nothing special. Laker was were just desperate for something positive.

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