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Thread: Celtics lost dynasty

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    Default Celtics lost dynasty

    In the late 80's, the Celtics could have traded Larry Bird to the Indiana Pacers for Chuck Person, Herb Williams, and Steve Stipanovich, and Kevin McHale to the Dallas Mavericks for Detlef Schrempf and Sam Perkins.

    If Bias and Lewis had lived as well, this could have been the team in the early 90's:

    Brian Shaw / Dee Brown
    Reggie Lewis / Danny Ainge
    Len Bias / Chuck Person / Rick Fox
    Dino Radja / Detlef Schrempf / Sam Perkins
    Robert Parish (aging) / Herb Williams / Steve Stipanovich

    A LOT of forwards, but great depth and versatility. They could have competed throughout the 90's.
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    Default Re: Celtics lost dynasty

    I wonder how Bias would have done in the NBA. He had such a freak death.

    Some say he was better than Jordan

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