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Yeah I loved the stealth in the earlier sequences. It definitely gets more combat heavy as the story progresses.
I disagree. It never does. In fact, after Chapter 12 or so, I felt like the gun sequences died down. There were no difficult areas either. Like where is the climax.

I have to play this game the 2nd time because I was genuinely disappointed. I'd give this game at least a 92/93. The atmosphere and lack of actual GAME-PLAY ruined literally a perfect game. I also didn't particularly enjoy the lack of in-game music or soundtrack. Pretty unmemorable to me.

The graphics, story, characterization are simply the best in video game history. I just haven't touched a game that did it better, besides maybe TLOU. Did they rush this or what? I just don't understand how they could screw the gameplay up. This is Uncharted not TLOU, why are you making me climb walls for 85% of the game. This is silly. There was no difficulty progression at all either. I didn't find anything in later chapters too challenging besides that very last fire fight.

Gun to my head, if someone told me U3 or U4, if I could only play one game out of these two. I'd have to say U3. It was just more fun to me. U4 is the better overall game, but U3 is more fun.

In fact, it is highly underrated. I don't think U2 is that much better, if at all. There are just too many things I enjoyed more in U3. U2 was more polished, but U3 to me was more memorable. Just too many of my favorite chapters are in U3.

I'll play U4 again when my vacation rolls around early July. Been busy with work lately.

Busy season at a big four accounting firm literally swallows your personal life for 5-6 months a year.