Bulls have been inconsistent, but it isn't something that I didn't expect.
We have a new coach, a brand new system, new rotations, new starting lineup and our starting point guard missed the entire preseason.

I think it's pretty obvious that our backcourt is what set's the tone. When DRose and Jimmy Butler are aggressive, pushing the ball, attacking the rim, moving the ball and getting their teammates involved we are pretty dangerous. With Hoiberg's new offense the motion is really benefiting the majority of our skill guys especially our backcourt.

We need to cut down on turnovers, but I think that will come with time once guys get more comfortable with the system.

On defense it's our biggest opportunity right now and needs to be a focus. We can't solely focus on offense and forget the other side of the ball. Starting Mirotic and Gasol is dangerous on the defensive end but we have solid defenders still 1-3. Coming off the bench we have great defenders in Noah and Gibson. We need to be aggressive, put a lot of pressure on the ball and try to force turnovers.

Looking forward to this season. As always Go Bulls!