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Thread: Does anyone else wondeR?

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    Yeah, I mean everyone who can read a book goes through an existentialist phase these days.

    Now Camus is basically correct as to the whole affair being meaningless except for the meaning we ourselves give to it. And yes, horrible things happen throughout, some of them might happen to you (and it won't be divine justice or anything like that, just purely random) and you will die in the end of it.

    But Camus himself is not counseling despair - instead he wants to live life fully with a clear sense of purpose. Your mind has the power to create order amidst the chaos, so that most moments in your life will make sense to you...

    Beyond Camus, my personal inspiration for how to find meaning in it all comes from Shakespeare:
    "All the world's a stage
    And all the men and women merely players"

    Think of the universe as the ultimate theatre masterpiece of theatre - an always evolving play where everyone not only has a role, but also co-author status. Strive to be a great character within that play, I try to tell myself. Don't question why there is a play (it is bigger than you, you just happened to enter the stage for a brief moment) just enter its enchanting world and focus on playing your part(s).

    The trick is, being present, focused like a "method" actor would be. Instead of wishing you were handed a different part, thinking about the ones the others have, make the absolute most out of yours, so that when the curtains come down, you won't even need the audience's applause - getting to play the part, every minute of every hour of every day, was what made it all worth it.
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    nick young is going off the rails

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