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    Default Not all doom and gloom, the Suns have drafted well in recent history.

    Despite it being a really miserable 4-5 years for Phoenix I'm hoping it won't turn into a Kings/Pistons/Twolves type scenario where the team is irrelevant for a decade plus.

    Bledsoe,Knight, Len,Booker, Warren are all nice pieces.

    The Suns have been there own worst enemies in a way, because they haven't really bottomed out, not for consecutive years anyway.
    Considering this, they have drafted incredibly well. Booker, Warren, and even Back to R.Lopez were good picks considering they were very late first rounders. They missed on Kendall Marshall admittedly, Ennis, Earl Clark have also come and gone but you can't expect much when you're always getting pick 13-14
    Len is now looking like a good pick at no.5 also.

    If they get top 3 this year and draft a star I think it's the making of a very good team.
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