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Thread: Will Spurs dynasty prevail?

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    Default Will Spurs dynasty prevail?

    Will they win game 6 and overcome this?

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    Default Re: Will Spurs dynasty prevail?

    spurs have never even won back-back. What ****ing dynasty. u need 3peat for a dynasty. GTFO here with scavenging ass spurs. Always waiting for teams to go out of their prime before they win shit. Spurs are the parasite of the nba. only winning chips during off years for the real dynasty teams.

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    Default Re: Will Spurs dynasty prevail?

    Spurs have bright future, this is actually a transition year for them. The old big three(Duncan/Ginobili/Parker) are retiring, and Leonard is still not in his prime. 67 wins this year is enough impressive, considering the expectation going into this season. They will have cap space to sign very good FAs, if they get Conley or even better Durant, they will be a 70-75 wins team next year.

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    Default Re: Will Spurs dynasty prevail?

    The Spurs have never been a dynasty. Sucks for the vulture team and specially their dumb ass fans.

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