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    Arrow Comparing the conference finalists' playoff vs. regular season statistics

    Table Chart:

    Some things to take away:

    1. Warriors have gotten substantially worse from the regular season compared to the playoffs at nearly every single category. They're statistics decrease every round of the postseason, proving that GSW struggles against more competetive and healthy teams

    2. Cavaliers have gotten tremendously better from the regular season compared to the playoffs, proving that they coasted all year to sustain health

    3. Cavs net rating has increased every round of the postseason. Lebron has mastered getting to the finals. That's impressive given that competition becomes more talented each round.

    4. OKC has ramped up the pace and managed to decrease their turnover ratio vs. the Warriors

    5. Warriors assists % is quite down vs. the Thunder, due to the length/athleticism the Thunder display

    6. The Raptors are under performing relative to their regular season

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