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Thread: Pistons Getting New Arena

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    Sounds like they are moving officially. Next season they will be playing in a new spot.

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    It was pretty much all the rumors today lol

    [QUOTE]Pistons owner Tom Gores said Tuesday that the time is right for his NBA team to move out of its suburban home and into the city to share Little Caesars Arena with the Red Wings. "This is great for the Detroit Pistons. It is the right call. It's time for us to do it," Gores said. "It is an incredible arena. Every fan will believe it's incredible." Michigan Live

    This transition plan includes adjustments to the construction of Little Caesars Arena that will cost taxpayers, through the Downtown Development Authority, an additional $34.5 million. Taxpayers, through the DDA, are already contributing $250 million to construction of the $732 million Little Caesars Arena. Michigan Live

    The team begins playing in Detroit in 2017 and will move to a new practice facility in 2018. Michigan Live

    With the Tigers, Red Wings and Pistons all downtown for the first time in decades, one more way the teams' owners may seek to join forces

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    As a former Detroit resident, I will say happy to hear it. Should create some nice revenue for the city and some extra jobs.

    I've read some complaints in that, as mentioned, more tax payer money will be needed than originally estimated because of the transplant costs and parking will be at a very high premium as Detroit doesn't have ample parking as is.

    But, growing up and attending my only Detroit games at the Palace, I will say it's sad to hear they are going to demolish it.

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    Well said, that pretty much sums it up for me too. If I was being selfish, I would say I want them to stay where they are. Only because where I grew up at it was a closer drive for me. But I completely understand the business side and economics of what they are doing. It makes sense.

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