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Thread: Post your gaming rig

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanners
    built my new computer tonight

    i7-7700k with a cryorig h7
    evga gtx 1080ti
    msi z270 sli plus motherboard
    16 gigs ddr4 corsair ram 3000mhz
    500gb ssd
    nzxt s340 pro case

    also exchanged my 24" dell TN gsync 1440p/144hz for a 27" acer IPS gsync 1440p/144hz
    Its been about 2.5 years since I built this comp, and it still destroys everything I throw at it... its been a joy to nerd out on this machine

    Looking back, I think the smartest thing I did with this build was investing in a top-end monitor. Out of every piece of hardware and every peripheral, the monitor has the biggest impact on the day-to-day experience with a computer, and if I was going to do it all again I would splurge on the monitor at the expense of my computer components without question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by highwhey

    got a new LIAN LI case. high build quality, MUCH better than theCorsair 570X I had...the motherboard lined up flawlessly to the standoffs, the corsair had major issues lining up.

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    Running an I5-9600k, RTX 2060s, 16gb DDR4, 256SSD+2TB drive. I don't really shoot for the moon with specs, I mainly like the choice of storefronts, mods, controller options, free online, emulators that PC gaming allows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrei89 View Post
    Mine is a weak shit now. Time for an upgrade,but im still running 2k at max graphics so i'm settled.

    i5 4400 3.0 ghz
    Gtx 770
    Corsair 8 Gb Ram 2,000 mhz
    SSD 256 GB Samsung
    3 years later I finally upgraded to:

    i7 9700k
    GTX 1660 6 GB
    Kingston 16 GB 2666

    Runs so smooth

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    i have too old rig
    specs are
    xeon processor E5345 2.33 ghz (4 cpus)
    4 gb ecc ram
    gt 630
    500 gb hdd

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