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    And anoootherr oneeeee

    Finished basketball as a champion creating a ridiculous roster
    And now finishing baseball with you guys as co-champion as well. Just like basketball, so much sh*it was talked about my team and the players on it, I'll just bring up one in Corey Kluber. He's done guys? Nah he just finished the year as the #1 Pitcher in baseball That's what I do. Pitching expert.

    And the best part about this playoff run, is the teams I beat.

    STATMAN 1st round, ending that rivalry in baseball as well on top. You are a fuuucking joke ass commish and player even in your strength sport.

    PETE 2nd round, told this idiot that he would be 1 and done AGAIN, and thats what happened. I now have defeated him in basketball & baseball playoffs completely own his ass

    and the loser rookie Illysa or whatever his name is. Oh my team sucks thats why you don't want to trade me? GTFO you got dominated in the finals

    Just remember guys, I got the last laugh on ALL of you and am retiring as a champion AGAIN. I mean how bad of competition are you guys? Absolute JOKE really I come in and beat you all over and over and over again.

    And that's how this story ends, I beat every one of you losers in basketball, and then I do the same in baseball. No one is on my level and I'm just far better than everyone at everything. There's just no denying it now. Oh, on a side note, I was #1 and undefeated in football as well before statman had enough of me embarassing all of you worthless losers and kicked me out damn im that good

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    And before anyone brings up Joe, I will. Me and Joe won this title together. That's what if you asked either of us, will say. If there is winning money to split, we will split it in half and that shows we both know it was a 50-50 contribution. I did most of the draft and made all the trades 1st half of the season setting up a strong team base, and Joe finished it off with stellar managing and great moves in the 2nd half. We played to our strengths just like last year. In the playoffs, we came together and finished what we had started. And finished as Champions

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    You starting that league bro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiiiiNG
    You starting that league bro?
    Nah but i'm about to, was waiting till pre-season basketball to start (9/30). So stay tuned.

    Hoping for some better competition, you seen what i done here lol. I'm a god to these guys at this point.

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    Unfortunately I will not be doing a basketball league in ISH this year. Sorry guys. But there is a million dollar pot league I have decided to dedicate my full attention to. It's a lot of money so I hope people understand.

    Good luck to all in there leagues

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    good job guy

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