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Thread: Great start to season for Pistons

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    Default Great start to season for Pistons

    Season is still super-new, but thru Sunday's games the Pistons have the best record in the East.

    On their success so far:

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    Beating Clippers AWAY, then on a back to back beating the Warriors AWAY - have we had a better 2-night stretch in the past decade?.... Wowee

    Stanley and Avery continue to play disruptive basketball on the defensive end, and Dre (even though not putting up monster stats) is anchoring our team and is doing so much more off the ball than previous seasons. He looks comfortable with his role.

    Avery is a better shooter than I gave him credit for, both mid-range and deep game looks smooth.

    Also, looks like we might be settling into a rotation, in which Leur and Tolliver seem to be the preference in the front court (I have been really impressed with both) and Ish and Galloway in the back court.

    Be interesting to see if Ellenson and Kennard get used moving forward as they have not had any impact / time in our two massive wins.

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    Not so great against the Lakers last night. Two other really good road wins though. Tolliver is definitely SVG's go to off the bench at PF after last night. Ellenson killed himself with that defense. He wasn't happy with Leuer but I think he sticks as backup C. Boban is going to be out of the rotation too. I would hate to see Kennard just get benched although that is definitely about to happen. I hate how SVG can't develop new players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dd24
    I hate how SVG can't develop new players.
    I was super high on Dinwiddie, and we gave up on him and now he is killing it!

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    I think we all liked him as a 2nd round pick that would have been taken in the 1st round if it wasn't for an injury. He definitely had the size and showed promise. Detroit did give him some chances. He just didn't look the part and never played well when he had the chance. Chicago never gave him one for the most part. Brooklyn gave him a bit more of one but it still wasn't great last season although he was very good about not turning the ball over. He almost played himself out of the rotation this season. If it wasn't for a Jeremy Lin injury he probably wouldn't have been able to break out like this. He definitely has played well since he got the opportunity the last few games. Even the coach was saying it is going to be hard to keep him out of the rotation now. I actually read this article about him just this morning. I always kind of follow the former Pistons. Amir Johnson is another guy who is having a solid season as a role player. Obviously he's been in the league quite a while now and wasn't drafted by this front office, but he fills his role well when asked. In Detroit he looked like a bust.

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    Khris Middleton is the one that we really let get away. He's had some injuries but man we could really use what he does now. That game last night was great. I always thought he was decent but wasn't totally sold. He exceeded a lot of peoples expectations.

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    Also I heard today that the Pistons did have talks with the Suns about trading for Eric Bledsoe. The Suns weren't interested in taking back Reggie Jackson. I guess that should speak volumes about his trade value around the league since they should be in a pretty tight spot for moving him. I would think that would have been one of the best players offered for him. They want young talent too. It would take a 3rd team to take on Jackson so I think it will be unlikely.

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    And it continues. Pistons now 7-3.

    More on this:

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